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Emergency Funds Needed

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Please Help Belik:


Update September 2019...
Belik's surgery has gone well. He also under went a additional procedure to remove a un-descended testicle that was discovered during surgery . 3 more days of IV antibiotics and fluids to treat a very resistant bacterial infection that is thru out his body.
Please consider donating . His vet bill has caused us to postpone surgeries for other animals that were scheduled for this week . Unfortunately we must always make decisions on life threatening issues vs medical care / labs for others . 😪

Belik admitted to Cornell .
Antibiotic resistant UTI infection
that has compromised the healing process of his rear leg stumps . ( he is incontinent and leaks urine ) The bone is infected from the leaking urine.
Mid femur amputation needs to be performed in order to close these wounds properly so they can heal . His total vet bill is expected to be $4500
Please consider donating to help Belik to live a long, happy healthy life.

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