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Willow Sullivan

Owner and Creator of Willow's Wings

Willow's Wings Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is located in upstate New York atop 17 green acres. This sanctuary is not a facility or a large organization, it is solely looked after by Willow Sullivan, Tim Davis and her devoted volunteers.  This is a home, first and foremost, to all the animals here. We work hard to make our sanctuary as close to a home-like environment, where animals feel safe and comfortable. Their well-being is our first priority.

Growing up Willow's mother used to say she was like Saint Francis; animals were as attracted to her as she was to them. Willow started out caring for mainly cats and dogs, but over the years, you can say she turned into Noah’s Ark. Willow has become experienced in caring and handling all sorts of creatures, from exotics such as parrots and lizards, to farm animals and other domestic pets. It would only be fitting at this point in Willow's life to be running an animal sanctuary and rescue within her home to care for the misfit animals of the world. The animals that arrive to Willow's Wings are not only welcome into my home, but also her heart. 

We hope you are able to see the mission of Willow's Wings Animal Sanctuary, Inc. and give back to a non-profit who gives back to the animals it cares for.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, donations, blessings, support and love to continue to bring happiness and joy into these animals lives and ours.

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