Our Pigs, Tortoise and Turtle Guests


Teddy is a Tortoise who is approximately 7 years old. Teddy was found wondering out in the world. When he was finally came to Willow’s Wings, he was so very thin and his poor shell showed sign of improper care. 😢 Teddy loves his home here at Willow’s Wings, he’s especially fond of Wyatt and his furry siblings! He eats lots of fresh vegetables daily and has a big appetite!

Bert & Ernie "We are a red eared slider, and an African side necked turtle, who were displaced after our owners could no longer keep us.”

Tootsie & Teddy

Charlotte "I was displaced after I grew to be too big"

"I grew up as a frat house pig, used solely as a babe magnet, then discarded after I became an adult"

Guest Stories:


Penelope today, a sweet girl who was purchased with her brother as piglets by a frat house to attract girls to parties. These piglets were not fed or cared for in anyway, leaving Penelope's brother to die at only 6 months old. 😥 Penelope started to grow and wasn't that cute little piggy you could hold any longer, so she was tossed out in the street to fend for herself.
She was picked up by a kind woman who had no idea what to do with her, but she knew she had to help. After days of calls and referrals, Willow's Wings was finally contacted about the fate of Penelope. She was welcomed to the farm with open arms where she now resides with her best friend Hemma. After all she's been through, she is still such a loving, sweet girl and will take belly rubs from anyone for hours!! 🐷🐷