Over The Rainbow Bridge

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." ~Unknown

Theodore and Peanut
Gizmo was a perfect senior gentleman. He was blind, deaf, and had a fractured pelvis and hip upon coming to Willow's Wings. All he wanted to do is snuggle in your arms and rest his broken body. We lost him in November 2019 and miss him very much.
Oliver came to us almost 5 years ago in 2014 as a senior dog whose family asked he be euthanized as he was being too protective over his human with dementia. In Jan 2019 he developed a cough and I could tell something was not right. A trip to the vet with x-rays, labs all normal. He gradually continued to lose weight and became less active.
We took him to the ER vet again in Oct 2019 and x-rays showed his chest look like a snowglobe of cancer. He was humanely euthanized, surrounded with love.
Scooter was a two-legged dog from Thailand, who suffered severe life threatening injuries before being rescued by Soi Dog, which is a large animal rescue in Thailand. They contacted Willow's Wings to take her in as she could not be properly placed or cared for in Thailand. She had suffered neck, spinal, rib and femur fractures in Thailand. It is truly a miracle she survived-- we called her the "Miracle Dog!!" Willow and Scooter's "boyfriend", Parsa, miss her very much.
Sophie was a Pitbull who came to us from the Front Street Dog shelter. She had been battling mammary cancer on and off for years. The original tumors were removed but the cancer still remained in other parts of her body. We tried and gave Sophie the best life we could as she lived out her final years at the Sanctuary.
Holly and Spinner
Peri - Mar 2017
We lost Grumpy to severe skin cancer. We did everything we could but the cancer won.
Andy passed away one week short of his 42nd birthday.
Cancer took another of our precious residents. Chop passed due to cancerous liver at age nineteen.
Lost his battle due to cancerous tumor deep in his ear.
Hope passed away from mammary cancer. It is so important to spay and neuter your pets.
Theodore passed away from diabetes. He lived two years longer than expected he would.
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Cancer took another of our precious residents. Chop passed due to cancerous liver at age nineteen.