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All of these beautiful animals were either saved from abusive environments, minutes away from facing euthanasia or surrendered because of their disabilities. All of the animals we care for here at Willow's Wings have immediate special and medical needs.  No animal should be passed over due to injuries they received from irresponsible owners. Their lives matter too!

Your donation to Willow's Wings Animal Sanctuary, Inc. helps contributes to their food, medical bills, medications, and special needs. Please consider donating or becoming a monthly sponsor to one of our amazing animals today! 

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Flopsy & Mopsy
These sweet puppies were diagnosed with Hemivertebrae at L7, a congenital defect as a result of bad breeding. Flopsy (male) has the more severe spinal deformity. Mopsy (female) is physically stronger and has less severe deformities. Both puppies' prognoses are questionable. Will they end up in wheelchairs? Only time will tell.
For now they can stand and walk a bit before they flop down. The plan going forward is to give them daily physical therapy to strengthen their hind legs.
CC is a blind cat that found her permanent home with us at Willow's Wings!
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