Our Handicap Dog Guests

Here are some of the stories of one of our Handicap Dogs we have here at Willow's Wings. Many of our handicap dogs have a story to tell of the circumstances that lead them to where they are today. Unfortunately, they are unable to verbally tell us and we are only able to make assumptions based on medical scans and diagnoses from the amazing veterinarians that work with us. These dogs require special care, attention, medications and food to provide them with a happy home here at Willow's Wings.

Toby's Story


A Golden Doodle and the product of a back yard breeder who cared nothing about Toby.  Toby had spinal issues from birth and the breeder, recognizing he wasn’t worth any money dumped him at the shelter to be put to sleep.  She wouldn't even spend enough money to take him to a vet.  Toby was adopted once but was returned to the shelter as his spinal compression defect was getting worse and they couldn’t cope.  A very special person, also with special needs, adopted Toby but sadly she soon discovered her handicapping condition prevented her from giving Toby the care he needed.  She searched the entire country and found Willow’s Wings and soon Toby flew from California to New York to his forever home.  When Toby arrived in New York all he could do was lie flat on his side.  We are thrilled to report that he can now stand and is working hard to learn to walk.  Toby will continue to need therapy for at least another year but we are confident he will continue to improve.

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Our Special Needs Dog Crew:

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Flopsy & Mopsy
These sweet puppies were diagnosed with Hemivertebrae at L7, a congenital defect as a result of bad breeding. Flopsy (male) has the more severe spinal deformity. Mopsy (female) is physically stronger and has less severe deformities. Both puppies' prognoses are questionable. Will they end up in wheelchairs? Only time will tell.
For now they can stand and walk a bit before they flop down. The plan going forward is to give them daily physical therapy to strengthen their hind legs.
Bean and two of his brothers were born with no front legs. Bean was not adopted because he also had a deformity of one of his back legs. Bean came to Willow’s Wings from Thailand at 5 months old. After arriving at Willow’s Wings, Bean had a surgery to try and correct his back-leg deformity that was partially successful and very expensive. Later, he got a custom wheelchair from his guardian angel! Bean is a very happy boy who has a zest for life! He just loves everybody and everything in it!
Bubba (Adopted)
Bubba has been adopted!
Bubba was sitting in a high killer soon to die.
His body is plagued with joints that are deteriorating. His hind legs do not bend any longer so he hops like a bunny.
We promised him we will help, but unfortunately there is no fixing those joints.
First a joint tap and cytology to determine what has caused these horrible changes. Diagnosis and then treatments.
Kuro was found in the desert dying, bullets still remained in his body when he was found.
Thanks to a very caring man named Mohammed, Kuro was rushed to a vet and began the long process of not only healing his broken body, but learning to trust humans again.

Two total strangers Janelle and Chris offered to bring Kuro on the final leg of his journey to Willow's Wings. Kuro has unknowingly brought a world of caring people together. We will be providing Kuro with the love, and care he needs.
Parsa & Willow
Entezar on the right with his buddy, Lex.
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