Our Cat Colony

Oscar was found as an unneutered, feral and young stray with an injured and infected back leg. He was caught by guardian angels while roaming the streets in May 2019. We were contacted and immediately rushed him to the vet to have him tested and neutered and to surgery to remove the infected leg. He is now recovering here at Willows Wings.
Raven came to us after suffering a fractured pelvis (likely hit by a car) and dragging his back legs behind him. We are not sure if he and his friend Pepe will ever walk again, only time will tell.
Pepe came to us after suffering a fractured pelvis (likely hit by a car) and dragging his back legs behind him. We are not sure if he and his friend Raven will ever walk again, only time will tell.
Goldie and Blackie
Goldie and Blackie are two senior cats that were surrendered by their senior owner.
Tiffany is one of our paralyzed cats.
Tubby and Jewel
Tubby and Jewel love to sit on these two chairs and welcome all of our guests to Willow’s Wings and watch the world go by! 🌎
They were two elderly strays that were found together in Owego. They have a permanent home here at Willow’s Wings and we adore them! Tubby can be quite the clown, while Jewel can become shy around people, until she gets to know them!
Tiffany was a paralyzed stray. Her X-ray showed that a very cruel person had shot her and the bullet is still lodged in her spine. It was also said that some very cruel people threw bricks at her, all of which made her paralyzed.
Willow's Wings took her in and nursed her back to health. She is still learning to trust humans again, she is an amazing cat!
Miracle is a beautiful kitten who survived a terrible hit and run car accident on the streets of Johnson City this past year. She suffered serious head trauma, a severe abdominal tear as well as a shattered front leg which needed to be amputated. Miracle would not have survived these injuries if not for the loving, open arms she was greeted with at Willow's Wings as there was literally no where for her to go. Little Miracle loves her new home on the farm and especially love!
"I am a feral cat who was transferred from another rescue because I was considered un-adoptable"
Sphynx Cat
Some of Our Cat Guests
Theodore and Peanut
"I am an elderly cat, found infested with fleas, diabetic, severe muscle deterioration and a rodent ulcer on the entire roof of my mouth"

"When my elderly owners no longer could care for me they left me at my vets doorstep. I have irritable bowl disease and require a special diet"
Tortoise and Cats
"I am a sweet kitty who was born at the sanctuary from my rescued feral mother cat."
"I was found starving as a feral mother, and now have all the food I could ever want!"
"I came here when I was just a two day old kitten found in a shed. My mom bottle fed me and raised me into the loving cat I am today!"
Rescued Feral Mother & her new kittens
She once belonged to a school teacher but things didn’t work out and a local rescue took her in. Unfortunately, Kimmy didn’t want to settle in at that rescue and Willow’s Wings stepped up and offered to take her in. We are happy to say that Kimmy loves it here and is doing great
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