Our Bird Guests 

Our Guests:


Willis is a female senior blue and gold beautiful Macaw. Willis was passed around to many people through out her life (45+ years). When we first met Willis she could be very loud, very messy, and not trusting of humans. Her last home was with a woman who had several birds and Willis was finally starting to settle. Her human mom had developed lung cancer. We gave her sanctuary at Willow's Wings and she has learned to trust and love again!


Sweetly is a 20 year old Parrot who came to Willow’s Wings after her owner became ill and had to go into a nursing home. Sweetly has a forever home at the sanctuary and is just as sweet as her name is! ❤️

Pretty Bird

Sky & Sweetie "I came here with my parrot brother after my owner fell terminally ill, and my friend Sky was found on the rail trail on a cold morning"

Tweety "I was lost and found on someones roof top”

Keisha "My young owner had to give me up in order to go to school"

Skipper "I was displaced for biting my previous owner”

The Three Stooges “We are the class clowns of the group!”

Tony "I was rescued from a cruel owner who left me with missing toes when he burned them off."

Frankie "I was abandoned after my owner could no longer care for me"

Lila "I was left homeless because I did not like my owner, but am happy now at the sanctuary!"

Jake and Willis "We arrived separately but have found love together here at Willow's Wings!"